Micro Link Hair Extensions

What is Micro Link Hair Extension!

Micro Link Hair Extensions, also known as Cold Fusion Hair Extensions are very popular in today’s era. Presently they are among the leading types of hair extensions celebrities use. Micro Link Hair Extensions are one of the most popular and effective methods of hair extension. They are made from natural hair and require only a small percentage of your own hair.

The micro links, beads or locks that hold the strand in place with your natural hair can be removed at any time using a special tool provided by the hairdresser during application. Micro Link Hair Extensions are a beautiful and synthetic type of hair extension that uses smaller locks than traditional micro links.

Micro Link Hair Extensions are one of the most used types of hair extensions because they are easy to apply and undetectable by sight. The Micro Links are made with two pieces – a micro-link base that is attached to your natural hair, and a link or bead at the end of the strand.

We at Hair Extensions by I’yesha use the latest techniques for hair extension application. Using our services for Micro Link Hair Extensions, you can be sure your hair will look great, feel great and last a long time. There are many styles available from wispy to bold and glamorous. We offer a wide range of options so that each client can achieve the exact look you desire.

We Provide the Best Micro Link Hair Extension in Long Beach, California!

Micro Link Hair Extensions have become the latest trend because of its unique style and appearance. They can be applied to your hair with a special tool and don’t require glues or any chemical application. Naturally beautiful human hair is used to create these seamless extensions that can last for several months.

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How to Go Bold and Beautiful with Micro Link Hair Extension

Are you looking for a new style or just to add some volume? We are perfect for you. The hair extensions are made of human hair and are very smooth on your scalp. There are no clips that can make your scalp hurt.

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Yes, You Really Need Us for Those Beautiful Barnet

At I’yesha Hair Extension we specialize in Micro Link hair extensions, which means that all of the individual strands of hair are extremely high quality and go in the same direction. This makes them much easier to maintain than other types of hair extensions. Our team is proud to be rated the Best Salon for Micro Link Extensions Long Beach, CA and we are confident that you will love your new hair too.

We want you to leave our studio with the confidence of knowing you have a perfect fit that is made specifically for your lifestyle. If you don’t have time and skills to manage your own hair, visit us today and let us give you a free consultation.